Bergen BK klar for Eliteserien

Last Friday 15th of April, the team of Bergen Badminton Club traveled to Oslo to play the Qualification for Elite Division. We had the tournament on Saturday 16th. The team was composed of ten players, six of them were young promises of this region and four senior players who could sum experience and calm in this special tournament.

After playing two seasons in The First Division, the team has got the qualification to play Elite in the next season 2016/17. Last year, we couldn´t get the qualification, althought there were really tight team matches. This year, it was different. The players have had much more confident and an excellent performance in their matches.

The first team match was against Frogner, who won by 7-3. Despite of that score, the team match was much tighter than it looks because there were two matches in three sets which were for Frogner in the end.

That defeat didn´t affect the team, which could find more energy and motivation to play the second and decisive team match. The luck did that our team played again against Haugerud, which beat us in 2015. The team had its revenge and won by 8-2. That victory allows the team to play in Eliteserien in the next season.

Congratulation to all players who did their best and fought 100% in all their matches. It is sure that the team will keep doing its best the next season in the Elite.

Here, we go!

Gratulerer til alle dere som står på og hjelper klubben!

– Trener og lagleder Javier Bish

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